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The Escalation Workshop

The Escalation Workshop is a powerful, film-based workshop that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse.

What is the Escalation Workshop?

The Escalation Workshop is a film-based discussion that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse. The workshop consists of a film, Escalation, followed by a guided discussion led by a trained facilitator.

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Already signed up and need to access workshop material? Here’s where you should go.

What is the workshop format?


The film follows a college-aged couple through the very sweet beginnings of their relationship and shows how unhealthy behaviors can escalate into abuse.


After watching the film, workshop participants dive into a discussion about the film—led by trained facilitators—discussing the early warning signs of relationship abuse and what they can do if they witness or experience these warning signs. The conversation is led by a facilitator that has been trained by One Love.

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How do I bring Escalation to my school

Organize a workshop with your school or community group.

First step is laying some of the groundwork before hosting your first workshop. Secure a date, space, and group. You should also do some research on local advocacy groups in your area and make up a resource list.

Participate in One Love’s Virtual Facilitator Training.

Our facilitator trainings are interactive sessions with a One Love staff member and other people like you who have an Escalation Workshop planned. You will review our materials including the Escalation Film and Discussion Manual and then connect with us to dive into training.

Start holding workshops!

Once you have been trained as a facilitator, you are ready to hold Escalation Workshops.

Bring the Escalation Workshop to Your School

We strongly recommend talking to a member of our team to learn the best ways to bring Escalation to your school or community. On this intro call, webinar or email exchange we will provide you with resources, guides and case studies from other schools and communities to help you plan out your very own workshop.

Feel like you have everything you need to become a facilitator? Schedule your training now.


If you’ve already signed up for a facilitator training and/or you are a trained facilitator you can access all the materials you need here.

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98% of Escalation Workshop participants would recommend it to a friend.

“It is having an impact on our campus. Every time we host a workshop I hear ‘wow, I wish I knew about this earlier’”

– Facilitator, SUNY Oswego

“I learn something new every time I watch the film and engage with others. I like being able to talk about the issues at hand and help inform others of the problems society faces with relationship abuse.”

– Facilitator, University of Virginia

“The program is amazing! I’ve got another workshop tomorrow night. :)”

– Facilitator, Santa Clara University

Escalation + the US Navy

The Navy was excited that the program complemented their existing training and started new conversations regarding healthy interpersonal relationship behaviors across many risk factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ideal group size for the discussion during the Escalation Workshop?

A: We recommend that each group has about 10-25 participants and 1 facilitator. For example, if you are hosting a workshop with 50 participants, you should have at least 2 facilitators. If you have lots of facilitators available, you can assign 2 facilitators per group, or have some facilitators float around to provide extra support.


Q: With who can I hold an Escalation workshop?

A: Pretty much anyone! We think that everyone should see Escalation. However, the best way to have this conversation is in a group setting – giving everyone the chance to talk about the film and the issue of relationship abuse. Think of groups you are connected with: classes, sports teams, clubs, groups of friends, community groups, and encourage them to schedule a workshop!


Q: What age groups typically participate in the Escalation Workshop?

A: Due to the sensitive nature of the film and the content, we recommend that Escalation Workshops are held with high school students, college students, or adults. Looking to bring start the conversations with a younger audience? Check out our Couplets campaign!


Q: Where can I find the Escalation Facilitator Training schedule?

A: We strongly recommend you hold some form of Escalation inquiry conversation with a member of the One Love team. Why? Because we’ve worked with hundreds of schools to bring this film to 150,000+ young people. Therefore we have tips, strategies, best practices and case studies for roll out. However, if you really want to hit the ground running and you’re already in the process of getting your workshop planned, you can access our Facilitator training schedule here


Q: I do not have 90 minutes available for an Escalation workshop, are there any other options?

A: Yes! We have a wide range of options to start conversations. Check out our campaigns page for more info, or contact a One Love representative to make a plan for your school.