• May 05, 2015

Full job description

Our Community Engagement Coordinators play the lead role in engaging people in a movement to end relationship abuse. The ideal candidate will love building relationships with people and will be comfortable calling people he or she has never met to tell them about One Love and persuading them to get involved.

Whether it’s students on college campuses and/or entire communities, he or she will build relationships from the ground up, raising awareness about One Love’s educational tools and campaigns. Coordinators engage students, campus communities, and/or the broader community deeply in our work, ultimately guiding the most motivated individuals to become leaders of this movement.

He or she must also be comfortable as a facilitator and trainer, guiding others in how to lead a meaningful discussion, using our film workshop, Escalation, as a tool. Given the critical importance of this role, it’s essential that the Community Engagement Coordinator believe 100% in the importance of our mission and in the power of communities, and young people in particular, to achieve ambitious goals.  

Our Community Engagement Coordinators become part of either our Campus or Regional Engagement sub-teams: 

  • Campus Coordinators work to bring the Escalation Workshop and Team One Love to interested colleges and high schools across the country, supporting them both remotely through virtual training/support and, when funding exists, in person.  We anticipate that Campus Coordinators will travel at least 25% of their time to visit and engage campuses across the country.
  • Regional Coordinators work to bring the Escalation Workshop and Team One Love to regions where the Foundation has raised the funds to enable work with a more diverse set of partners – high schools and colleges to be sure, but also other youth-focused organizations, community groups, parents, and sports groups. Regional Coordinators are assigned to a specific region and work to build deep roots and authentic partnerships that can help accelerate the movement to end relationship violence.  One Love’s ultimate goal for these regions is to create local offices and teams that can deepen our roots and spread the movement even further than we can traveling from the Northeast.  During the start-up work in a community, Regional Coordinators can expect to travel to their specific region 60-75% of the time.  

Responsibilities of both Campus and Regional Engagement Coordinators include:

  • Lead responsibility for communicating about and engaging your relationships in One Love’s work. The Community Engagement Coordinator will be the lead communicator of our program and vision to their constituents. Whether talking to administrators, coaches, students, parents or community partners, the ideal candidate must be able to clearly communicate the essence of our work in a way that empowers people to participate. He or she must also be extremely organized and a strong detail manager who can work with our Salesforce database to keep track of relationship details and progress.
  • Facilitating Escalation workshops and training others to do the same. The Escalation workshop stimulates important and sensitive discussions about relationship violence.  Engagement Coordinators must be able to comfortably and adeptly manage workshops and trainings effectively.
  • Being a coach and cheerleader for inspired individuals, helping them to become community leaders. Escalation and #ThatsNotLove are waking students up to the presence of relationship violence in their lives and inspiring them to work for change. As their primary contact, Community Engagement Coordinators play a critical role in showing inspired individuals how they can participate and become true leaders in this work.
  • Working with the overall team to develop best practices to refine and improve our efforts. The Community Engagement team works together to understand what is working or not working so that best practices can be shared across the country. The ability to set goals and evaluate against these key metrics is essential to evaluating the success of our efforts. Equally important is the ability to creatively think about what other products and tools we can develop to engage students and the broader community even more deeply with this work.  Community Engagement Coordinators have a keen eye to what “works” in reaching young people and readily share new activation ideas amongst themselves and with student volunteers.



  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 0-3 years of work experience
  • Comfortable and confident communication skills that enable him/her to wear a number of different hats (e.g. coordinating, educating, rallying, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • Exceptional project management skills for managing multiple relationships and multiple accounts thoroughly and efficiently:
    • Ability to create, manage and adjust schedules quickly, even when traveling
    • Ability to develop efficient travel plans that maximize time on the road
    • Strong prioritization skills to develop action plans for your work
  • Extremely self-motivated
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Enthusiastic about low-budget travel
  • Sense of humor a plus



The compensation and benefits package is competitive with comparable nonprofits in the region.

The position is based in Westchester County, New York, a 35-minute train ride from Grand Central Station in Manhattan.


TO APPLY: Send the following to

  • Put: “I’m your next Community Engagement Coordinator” in the subject line
  • Include an attached resume in PDF format
  • In 150 words or less, pitch us on why you’re the best candidate for the job 
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