Team One Love @ Framingham State

Team One Love @ Framingham State is committed to activating our entire campus in a movement to end relationship violence. You can join us by participating in an Escalation Workshop or starting a Yards4Yeardley challenge.

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Framingham State Resources

Counseling Center Health and Wellness Center | 508-626-4640 | The Counseling Center offers individual, couple’s and group counseling, medication evaluation and follow-up, consultation for faculty, staff, parents, and students, and educational outreach programs to the campus community.

Health and Wellness Center | 508-626-4900 | Some of the services offered at the Health Center: unlimited visits for health concerns/illnesses, referrals to specialists as needed, pelvic exams and pap smears, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) screening, counseling and treatment for men and women, pregnancy testing, counseling and referral, birth control counseling and prescription, emergency contraception (morning after pill), free condoms.

Melinda Stoops, Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator for Students | 508-626-4596 | | The Dean of Students does intake of reports and complaints about students as they relate to sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking and also coordinates investigations. The Dean can assist survivors in making adjustments to academic and living situations as well as provide a victim's advocate.

University Police | 508-626-4911 | The Framingham State University Police Department has a fully trained sexual assault unit staffed with certified sexual assault/rape investigators. They work closely with the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office, the Framingham Police Department's sexual assault unit and various other departments within the University. Their investigators are on call 24 hours a day throughout the year and will assist victims throughout the entire criminal proceeding, and through the University judicial discipline system.

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