Team One Love @ Holy Cross

Team One Love @ Holy Cross is committed to activating our entire campus in a movement to end relationship violence. You can join us by participating in an Escalation Workshop or starting a Yards4Yeardley challenge.

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Holy Cross Resources

Holy Cross Counseling Center | Business Hours: 508-793-3363, After-Hours: Public Safety (508-793-2222) and request to be put in touch with the Psychologist-On-Call | We provide confidential assistance to students who have a wide range of concerns, such as stress, adjustment difficulties, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression.  Many students seek our services to help them through these challenges.  We work collaboratively with students to promote their academic success and personal growth during their years at Holy Cross.

RPE: Relationship Peer Educators | Relationship Peer Educators (RPE) educate and encourage students to examine important issues around intimate relationships, sexual responsibility, the differences and similarities among men and women, the development of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and the factors surrounding, influences on, and prevention of sexual assault. The RPE receive specialized training to educate the campus community on issues of sexual assault and misconduct, consent, and other forms of interpersonal violence. They can also serve as a confidential resource on campus.

Holy Cross Health Services | Business Hours: 508-793-2276, Nights & Weekends: Physician On Call at 508-334-8830 | Health Services is conveniently located on campus in Loyola and provides urgent care, limited primary care, and specialty referrals to providers in the community. The system is designed so that every student may receive appropriate, professional, and timely health care services.  Students are challenged as individuals and as members of the College community to examine and to improve health behaviors. 

Holy Cross Chaplains’ Office | Weekday: 508-793-2448, Nights and Weekends: Contact Public Safety (508-793-2224) and request to be put in touch with a Chaplain | Your visits to the Chaplains' Office are confidential and no information will be released without your permission. The chaplains are exempt from reporting any information under the Clery Act. Holy Cross chaplains provide pastoral counseling for those who need it. A chaplain can accompany the survivors through their healing process by listening to their experience of what happened, affirming the dignity of the survivor, and the belief that healing is possible.

Elizabeth Canning, Title IX Coordinator | 508-793-3040 | | The Title IX Coordinator is also available to meet with any individual to provide information about the implementation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy (including the availability of interim measures, the investigation, and the resolution/sanction process), as well as discussing other resources within the College community and beyond. 

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