Team One Love @ Newbury

Team One Love @ Newbury is committed to activating our entire campus in a movement to end relationship violence. You can join us by participating in an Escalation Workshop or starting a Yards4Yeardley challenge.

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Counseling and Health Education Center (Director: Susan Chamandy)| 617-730-7157 | | At the Counseling and Health Education Center, we believe that personal and career concerns are a normal part of each student's growth process. The counselor is available to help you define goals, develop strategies for change, and realize a greater understanding of yourself and others. The counselor is here to listen and offer support as you work toward resolving personal concerns and seek out ways to achieve a greater sense of wellness.
Campus Safety Office | 617-730-7160
Paul Martin, Vice President of Administration & Title IX Coordinator | 617-730-7155 |

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