Here are some PAW-sitively PURRfect memes


In November and December of last year, we challenged YOU to tell us what's #OKforPetsNotPartners through our Pets vs. Partners campaign. The challenge was simple: create a meme using a pic of your favorite furry friend & insert a caption of an unhealthy relationship behavior that would be OK if your pet did it, but TOTALLY not OK if your partner did it. Over 6,272 memes were created and then shared to educate others about the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. 

All of the memes had us like...


But that's not all! We were so impressed with everyone who used this opportunity to talk about a difficult topic. And trust us, having these conversations and sharing messages about the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship DOES make an impact; especially if a friend is experiencing any of the unhealthy relationship behaviors. 

Three AMAZING students each scored a $500 scholarship for creating and sharing their memes. And the winners are:

Karen from Binghamton University

Why this issue is important to her: "Relationship abuse is an issue that I think is completely preventable but also highly stigmatized. Some people involved in relationship abuse are not necessarily bad people but they are often incapable, whether physically or mentally, in asking for help. Education regarding healthy/unhealthy relationship behaviors is key because despite all the resources and guidance in the world, the person who can help you the most is you, cliche intended." 


Chloe from Colorado State University 

Why this issue is important to her: "We all have the primitive need to be loved and that love needs to be good for us. It is very important to have healthy relationships not just romantically. There's no excuse to be abusive to the person you love because quite frankly, at that point it isn't love. It's so important for people to know the signs so they can get rid of unhealthy relationships to then find the best love for them!"


Alexander from Arizona State University

Why this issue is important to him: "Teaching others about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors is important to me because everyone deserves to be treated right. Knowing the signs of a bad relationship can help a person get out of one, and seeing my friends get into good relationships instead makes me happy."


Congratulations to Karen, Chloe + Alexander, and a big round of appawse to all who participated in sharing this very important message! 

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