Team One Love @ Ravenscroft

Team One Love @ Ravenscroft is committed to activating our entire campus in a movement to end relationship violence. You can join us by participating in an Escalation Workshop or starting a Yards4Yeardley challenge.

Join This School to Stay Involved


Protective Services | Mr. Dennis Lane | 919-847-0900 ext. 2820 |

Counseling: Upper School | Susan Perry | 919-847-0900 ext. 2715 |

Counseling: Middle School | Ms. Lorelei Lindow | 919-847-0900 ext. 2680 |

Counseling: Lower School | Dr. Chris Harper | 919-847-0900 ext. 2286|

Community Health Team Referral Form | Fill out this confidential form if you are ever worried about a classmate's behavior and health

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