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Starting in 2017, One Love will begin establishing local offices to help expand the growth of our movement to end relationship violence.  We are looking for entrepreneurial Regional Executive Directors who want to build local efforts in several key launch cities including:  Baltimore/DC.  These Regional EDs will be the lead architects of movement expansion plans for their communities.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing a strategic plan for expanding One Love’s education and activation work in their community.  Regional EDs will work closely with local supporters and members of One Love’s New York based team to understand progress in their region to date and goals for movement building in the years to come.  He or she will develop a three-year strategic plan that will articulate a vision for One Love’s regional growth in three key areas: (1) education of young people, (2) recruitment and development of local leaders to drive the movement, and (3) expansion of the financial base of support for this work.  Ultimately, he or she will present this plan – included associated budget, rollout timeline and key metrics – to One Love’s senior leadership for approval.   Because One Love is a start-up, articulating a very specific fundraising plan to support the growth articulated is critical.
  • Executing against the strategic plan and managing the Regional Office’s budgetWith a strategic plan in place, the Executive Director’s job will shift toward executing against that plan and managing the associated budget.  Fundraising will be a critical first step in supporting the ED’s vision for movement expansion. 
  • Leading One Love’s movement building in his/her region.  Each Regional ED will be a powerful local advocate for this work and this movement, recruiting collaborators who share our vision and believe in the power of communities, and young people in particular, to achieve ambitious goals.  He/she must be an articulate and passionate believer who can motivate local volunteers and leaders at every level of the community to join this movement for change, helping to direct their energy and enthusiasm into specific opportunities for impact
  • Honestly evaluating progress and working collaboratively with One Love national’s leadership team as well as other Regional EDs to continue to iterate and evolve our model for impact.   While wildly enthusiastic, the Regional ED must also be goal oriented and honest in assessment of how those goals are being met.  Although still in the “early metrics” stage, the Regional ED must keep a constant eye to progress so that we can develop more concrete measures of success on the path to changing the statistics around Relationship Violence. Regional EDs will work together to understand what is working or not working so that best practices can be shared across the country. Equally important to honest assessment is the ability to creatively think about what other products and tools we can develop to engage students and the broader community even more deeply with this work. 


  • Bachelor’s degree required, 10+ years of work experience preferred
  • Must be a motivated self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Must be a builder and a “big thinker” with a strong interest in overseeing the growth of the movement to end relationship violence on multiple levels: programmatic expansion, growth of the fundraising base, and empowerment of local leaders
  • Successful track record of fundraising, community engagement and expansion
  • Strategic and creative mind focused on scaling One Love’s promising early engagement with a community into something permanent and impactful in years to come
  • Exceptional relationship manager who can recruit a diverse collection of individuals, schools, foundations, and organizations to this cause
  • Extremely self-motivated but with a deep desire to work as part of a team on this ambitious endeavor
  • Comfortable and confident communication skills
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities since the Regional ED will wear every hat to start!
  • Comfort leading locally but participating nationally in One Love’s work


The compensation and benefits package is competitive with comparable nonprofits.


Send the following to

  • Put: “I’m your next Regional ED” in the subject line
  • Include an attached resume in PDF format
  • In 150 words or less, pitch us on why you’re the best candidate for the job 
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