Escalation Workshop at Lasell

  • Oct 26, 2015

Students and Faculty at Lasell College will be hosting the Escalation Workshop on Monday October 26th for anyone on campus who is interested. The film and guided discussion serve as a catalyst for a larger discussion about relationship abuse and how we all can step up in our communities to end it.

The workshop at Lasell begins a week of activities (including the Clothesline Project and Title IX Training) aimed at creating awareness of relationship abuse on campus.

Beyond the workshop, you can participate in the Clothesline Project for 3 days during the week of the 26th. This will include interactive activities that allow community members to post messages of support to survivors and to create/respond to the t-shirts created. The school is also hosting a Title IX training on 11/2. 

For more information please contact:

Jennifer O'Keeffe |

Karin Raye |

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