Team One Love @ St. Lawrence

By educating each other, Team One Love at St. Lawrence is committed to starting meaningful conversations across campus about relationship abuse.  With every Laurentian informed on how to identify warning signs, we can help ourselves, our friends and our classmates out of abusive relationships, safely.  

Join us! You could contact our campus leader, share the St. Lawrence signup page and the #thatsnotlove campaign on social media, or even participate in an Escalation workshop yourself, led by our peers.

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St. Lawrence Resources

Advocates Program | 315-244-5466 (24-hr Sexual Violence Hotline) | Services include crisis intervention; the 24-hour Sexual Violence Hotline; hospital, court, and judicial proceeding accompaniment; support groups; and safety planning.
Associate Dean of Student Life | 315-229-5551 | Services include convening the Review Board during a formal complaint; reviewing and keeping a written report of informal complaints; providing No Contact Orders and bans from campus as necessary, and making appropriate referrals.
Chaplain's Office | 315-229-5630 | The Chaplain's Office is a supportive resource for survivors of sexual violence, offering a 24-hour open door policy, spiritual advisors from different religious backgrounds, and a safe, supportive space for survivors to share their experiences without judgment.
Health & Counseling Services | 315-229-5392 | Services offered to survivors include medical care and individual counseling related to relationship violence,sexual assault, stalking, and coping mechanisms used to deal with trauma.
Safety and Security | 315-229-5555 | Services include responding to emergency calls, assisting students in completing a report of violence, investigating incidents of sexual misconduct, upholding No Contact Orders and bans from campus, providing information about safety planning, and making appropriate referrals.

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