In honor of Veterans Day and all who serve our country, we want to highlight all of the incredible work that some military branches are doing with One Love! We are grateful not only for the work these individuals do to protect this country, but also all that they are doing to stop relationship abuse and sexual assault within their branches. Here are just a few of the chapters that have used our Escalation Workshop or other program material.


Louisville and the Kentucky National Guard

When Gary Brumley saw Escalation for the first time, a light bulb went off in his mind. As someone who worked in recruitment for the National Guard, he immediately recognized how important it was to bring the film to his recruits. These young recruits fell right into the demographic that Escalation spoke to – they were between the ages of 18-24 – and because of their age, they were at a higher risk for dating violence. “I’ve witnessed [abuse] and it hit home – the video is phenomenal,” Gary acknowledged.

Understanding that the film would be a great fit for the National Guard’s sexual harassment prevention program, Gary brought the film to victim advocates across the state of Kentucky, including 105 recruiters. When the recruiters saw the film, the discussion that followed continued far beyond the hour and a half block that had initially been slotted for the training. The workshops’ incredible success resulted in an extension of the training time and beginning this month, the Kentucky National Guard will roll the workshop out to its new recruits. Moreover, Gary is planning a much larger training in December where recruiters and victim advocates will be trained as facilitators in the hopes that they will then bring the workshop to colleges that do not have One Love programming.

Gary was first introduced to One Love by University of Louisville’s LaMont Johnson, who brought the workshop to the Kentucky National Guard.  LaMont, who works at the university’s PEACC Center, helps students with situations pertaining to dating abuse, sexual assault, stalking and harassment. His workshop with the Guard started a ripple of impact that has grown immensely since he first brought Escalation to Gary and his team. When asked about his experience, LaMont stated "It was such an honor to work with the Kentucky National Guard, and be invited to facilitate the One Love Escalation Workshop as part of their Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program… It is so invigorating to be aligned with them in this powerful One Love Foundation initiative—to break the silence, and eliminate relationship violence and sexual assault in our communities." 

As a result of Gary’s work, he received the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation Award. The award is given to leaders across the Department of Defense who demonstrate commitment to the prevention of sexual assault.

A very special thank you to 2LT and Victim Advocate Coordinator Sean Embry for working with LaMont Johnson, and to Gary Brumley for rolling the workshop out to the recruiters and recruits of the Kentucky National Guard. For more information about the award, please visit: http://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/975474/dod-recognizes-innovative-initiatives-to-prevent-sexual-assault

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West Point Military Academy

West Point Military Academy has participated in One Love’s Escalation Workshop to help educate and activate its students to put an end to relationship abuse, promote healthy relationships and help solidify a culture of respect. Not only did West Point participate in Escalation Workshops provided by One Love, but the Corps of Cadets, led by the men's and women's lacrosse teams took it one step further. The group had a goal of doing 10,000 push-ups before and during a football game last week. The challenge was intended to support the Army West Point Athletics and USMA initiative to raise awareness and pledge responsibility to help end relationship abuse. Not only did the Cadets reach their goal, but they surpassed it and completed a total of 15,064 push-ups!



Marquette and University of Wisconsin-Madison team up for ROTC

Alina Atayan, a student of Marquette University, and Arica Smith of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, teamed up to roll Escalation Workshop out to the schools’ combined ROTC program. Knowing that there were a limited number of facilitators at the schools, they decided to roll the workshop out together and enlist the help of ROTC member Nicole Hohn.

In working with the ROTC students, Alina recounted “One thing the military fosters is tight knit relationships and loyalty. Keeping that in mind, I think people were really open to answer questions and have different opinions since they were with people they feel comfortable with. Everything we talked about applies to them and how they can actively be vigilant about their relationships and their peers. This workshop gives them the tools to be able to enact on that loyalty to each other.”

Students from the ROTC program were also very happy to have undergone the workshop. The students chose to do Escalation Workshop as part of CASH/A, a program in ROTC that raises awareness for sexual assault, abuse, and more, because they thought it would be more effective to show a film that was relatable and based on real life. Nicole felt that “many of the ROTC students were very engaged in this workshop. Many of the students were surprised on how many people have been victims of domestic violence. What was really great was that both men and women were very engaged in the film and discussion.”

Nicole and her peers felt that it was important to for ROTC students to know what to do if their friend or family member, or even themselves, ever wound up in an abusive situation. “Combining our workshop with the One Love Foundation made everything come together. The video was very strong and powerful, and the discussion really brought people together.”

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A tremendous thank you to all the incredible people who have helped us further our mission to end relationship abuse.

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