UGA Resources

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention | 24-hour hotline: 706-542-SAFE (7233) | Whether you have been recently assaulted, know someone who has been affected by abuse or are healing from past trauma, staff members at RSVP, located within the University Health Center, are here to support you. 

Counseling and Psychological Services | 706-542-2273 | After Hour Mental Health Crisis: 706-542-2200 (UGA Police -- ask for clinician on-call) | CAPS offers short-term individual, group, and couples therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring, psychological assessment, and makes referrals to campus and community resources when appropriate

Confidential Reporting:
UGA Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Advocacy | (706) 542-7233 | 24-hour hotline
UGA Counseling and Psychological Services | (706) 542-2273
UGA Health Center Medical Clinicians | (706) 542-1162
UGA Student Support Services | (706) 542-7774