Team One Love @ UMiami

Team One Love @ UMiami is committed to activating our entire campus in a movement to end relationship violence. You can join us by participating in an Escalation Workshop or starting a Yards4Yeardley challenge.

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UMiami Resources

University of Miami Police Department | (305)-284-6666
Student Health Center | 305-284-9100 | Services are available during normal University business hours and on Sundays from 11am to 4:00pm. Note that forensic examinations of sexual assault survivors cannot be performed at the Student Health Center.
Counseling Center | (305)-284-5511 | Provide short-term time limited individual, couples, and group therapy as well as psycho-educational outreach programming and consultation.
The Roxcy-Bolton Rape Treatment Center | (305)‑585‑RAPE | Conduct forensic examination for survivors following a sexual assault. Note best within 72 hours of incident. The Center also provides prophylactic medication, victim advocates to support survivor through examination and legal proceedings, social workers to coordinate care, relocation assistance and six months of free counseling.
The Sexual Assault Resource Team (S.A.R.T.) | (305‑798‑6666) | A 24-hour hotline where survivors or their supporters can speak to a trained volunteer about their experience and get connected to support services on- and off-campus (anonymous and confidential)
It’s On Us National campaign | Coalition against sexual assault and bringing you all the resources above and the needed support.
Dean of Students Office | (305)-284-5353 | Assist with a range of support services and protective measures
Nikki Abramson, LCSW | | Provides support resources, mental and physical health care referrals, and can take anonymous reports
Tony Lake, PhD | | Offers assistance in understanding the reporting and adjudication processes for complainants, respondents, and other community members

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