Unsung Heroes

Yeardley Love

2010 Betty & Money Yates Unsung Hero Award Winner

Yeardley was given the Betty and Money Yates Unsung Hero Award at The University of Virginia in 2010. This award is given each year to the lacrosse player that best exemplifies dedication and leadership to the team.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee for the YRL Unsung Hero Award consists of four of Yeardley's cousins who played intercollegiate sports:

  • Christopher Solomon - Wake Forest University Tennis, Class of 1996

  • Ryan McChesney - Williams College Swimming, Class of 2011

  • Gregg Langhoff - University of North Carolina Lacrosse, Class of 1994 (Unsung Hero Award for that team)

  • Sharon Langhoff Robinson - Yale University Lacrosse, Class of 1996

Unsung Heroes

YRL Unsung Hero Award

The Yeardley Reynolds Love ("YRL") Unsung Hero Award recognizes the accomplishments of a student-athlete who helps their team achieve success in ways that may not be measured in goals, saves or ground balls. This honor is meaningful because it places value on characteristics that are often undervalued in the competitively charged environment of college lacrosse. The YRL Unsung Hero Award recognizes the athlete who makes a significant contribution to the team while also bringing joy to teammates.

Hard-working, humble, honest, kind, and enthusiastic; this individual serves as an inspiration to her/his team both on the field and off. The award recipient should exhibit leadership as a positive role model and also be involved in community service.

The One Love Foundation will honor the lacrosse player that shares the qualities that Yeardley Love so humbly displayed. The recipient will also be awarded a sum of money from the One Love Foundation to be given to their favorite charity.

2013 YRL Unsung Hero Award Finalists

Women's Finalists

Jackie Mercer
Temple University

Ellen Shaffrey
College of William & Mary

Molly Shawhan
University of Notre Dame

Zoe Skinner
University of North Carolina

Alex Zaugra
University of Delaware

Men's Finalists

Jason Crane
Loyola University

Frankie Kelly
University of North Carolina

Jason Noble
Cornell University

Shane Warner
Binghamton University

Trey Wilkes
Ohio State University

Official Media Partner of the YRL Unsung Hero Award

YRL Unsung Hero Award Winners

- 2013 -

Zoe Skinner - University of North Carolina

Jason Crane - Loyola University

- 2012 -

Ryan Rotanz - Virginia Tech

Joe Cummings - University of Maryland

- 2011 -

Kim Wenger - Duke University

Dan Burns - University of Maryland

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