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Because I Love You Flyer

Language matters. Start a conversation about how a statement like "Because I love you" can be used to control someone in an unhealthy relationship.

Why this matters?

In a violent or abusive relationship, statements like “Because I Love You” are often used in a pattern of put-downs or mind games that are meant to gain power over you, leave you feeling fearful or like everything’s your fault.


You can spark a conversation about these controlling statements by starting a flyer campaign on your campus.. Check out the instructions and helpful how-to’s to get you started. If you need some inspiration–or want to inspire others–watch Because I Love You.

Get the flyer!

You can use the “Because I Love You” flyer as a way to start conversations about unhealthy relationship behaviors. Sign up below to get the flyer and step-by-step instructions on how and start the conversation today.