How to Apply

STEP 1: Review application requirements, deadlines and program commitments

Each Application Must Include:

A Script: A complete first draft narrative 5 to 8-minute short film script about a romantic relationship or friendship. (We want these films to be jumping off points for a larger dialogue, so don’t feel like you need to wrap everything in a bow in 5 to 8 minutes.) NOTE: Applicants must apply with a full script, spec work or outlines will not be accepted. The scripts of accepted fellows will go through a rigorous editing process with the One Love and The Allstate Foundation teams.

Digital portfolio or reel: Please include a link for each member of your team. This portfolio should include 2 to 4 examples of your work (ex. writing samples (up to 5 pages), films you have directed, produced, animated, and/or shot (up to 10 minutes for each film).

Finalists will be asked to submit a draft budget

Film resume: With all past and relevant experience.

Head shot: This does not need to be professional.

Responses to Short Answer Questions: Questions about your passion for making this film.


Info Sessions:
April 2 and 9, 2021

Q&A Office Hours:
April 16, 23, and 30, 2021
1:00 – 4:00 PM ET

Application Deadline:
April 30, 2021

Fellowship Selections:
Finalists will be informed no later than May 15, 2021

Fellowship Orientation:
May 24, 2021

Film Release:
December 2021

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Fellowship Commitments

All Fellows will be required to commit to the following:

Weekly Virtual Meetings: From May through December with a One Love Project Manger and Consulting Producer to co-create and touch base on production plans and budget.

Master Class Meetings: Attend three to four professional development sessions with top filmmakers, screenwriters, and producers.

Social Media Content: Provide behind the scenes photo and short film content for One Love to use on social media to promote the project.

Agree to and Sign a Non-Commercial Contract: With One Love that grants exclusive usage rights to the organization and The Allstate Foundation.

  • This contract will still attribute all creator credit to the filmmaker(s) and provide allowances for non-commercial use by the filmmaker(s), including submission to film festivals.

Script Feedback Sessions: Scripts will go through a rigorous review and editing process with One Love Youth Council and One Love / The Allstate Foundation staff to ensure films lend themselves to educating around One Love’s Learning Objectives.

Film Requirements and Restrictions


Film Length: Films must be 5 – 8 minutes (We want these films to be jumping off points for a larger dialogue, so don’t feel like you need to wrap everything in a bow in 5 to 8 minutes.)

Medium: Films can be live, animated, or multi-medium.

Audience Rating: Films must be PG-13 or below in concepts (please keep in mind that the films will be used in schools).

In-Depth Knowledge: Scripts must be written from team’s personal depth of knowledge and/or life experience.
⁃ You do not need to have experienced an unhealthy or abusive relationship in order to apply.

Target Audience: Stories should capture and demonstrate relationships of high school-aged people.

Actors & Crew: For legal purposes, filmmakers must hire actors and support crew that are 18 years of age or older at the time of filming.


No cursing (schools will not allow this in the classroom, so it’s easier if we avoid it)

No suicide (our educators may not be equipped to address the issues this may bring up)

No slurs (this includes racial, gender, sexuality, religious, etc.)

No nudity

No explicit drug use

STEP 2: Include the following themes in your script

Financial Abuse Theme (Must Include)

All films must include an element of financial abuse within some portion of the script. This does not need to be central to the story, but must be shown at some point in the film. For more on Financial Abuse, check out The Allstate Foundation’s website and this One Love article.

Additional Film Themes (Must include at least two)

One Love’s educational offerings are rooted in key learning objectives. Please ensure that film entries explore at least two of One Love’s Learning Objectives. Again, we want these films to be jumping off points for a larger dialogue. There are many ways to incorporate the One Love Learning Objectives into your script. Watch this video to learn more.

Learning Objective 1
This film shows people practicing any number of One Love’s 10 Healthy Signs. Review these signs here.
Review these signs here

Learning Objective 2

This film grapples with the ways people do and/or do not communicate boundaries and/or practice consent.
Learning Objective 3
This film explores how breakups – romantic or platonic – can be challenging, awkward, and/or anxiety-inducing. This is even more true if the relationship is dangerous and there is a need for safety planning.

Learning Objective 4

This film explores the way a friend(s) wrestles with whether to and/or how to help/intervene/support a friend who is in an unhealthy relationship.

Click HERE to watch a short video about how to incorporate these learning objectives into your film.

STEP 3: Submit your application

If you have your script and the above info ready, it’s time to show us what you got!

Apply Now

Still have questions?

One Love staff will hold info sessions on April 2 and 9 and Q&A office hours on April 16, 23, and 30 to answer questions you may have about the application, eligibility, requirements/restrictions, and even your script. Any and all questions are welcome; we encourage you to take advantage of these info sessions and office hours.

Can’t attend one of these dates? Email us your questions at [email protected].