We’re bringing One Love’s mission to our region to educate our young people on the signs of unhealthy and healthy relationships

One Love has educated more than 90,000 students in 200 schools across the region
``One Love has completely changed my life. Each day, One Love is saving lives.`` - Megan O’Brien, Boston ELN

Volunteers of the Month

One Love honors Teen Ambassadors Alyssea Immonen and Caroline Empey for their work spearheading a podcast project!

“Hi, I’m Alyssea (they/them) and this is my first year as a Teen Ambassador with One Love! I have really enjoyed learning about the 10 Signs, facilitating workshops, and meeting truly incredible people. The highlight of my year has definitely been our podcast project and I can’t wait to share it with you all!! I look forward to continuing to be involved with One Love and learning how to love better.”

“Hi, my name is Caroline Empey and I am a rising senior at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Growing up in Bronxville, New York, I have been surrounded with One Love for my entire life, but wasn’t truly engaged until I joined the Teen Ambassador program two years ago. As a TA, I have been able to collaborate with so many talented individuals and work on a variety of creative projects, including this podcast. I have never been part of a podcast before, so this was a new experience but I really enjoy talking to others and learning more about their lives so the process was really interesting. The Teen Ambassador program has opened a lot of doors for me within One Love, including an internship I began this spring with One Love’s marketing team. My favorite thing about working with One Love is the impact I hope to have on people, whether it be through workshops, videos, or this podcast!”

Educate Your Community

Want to bring One Love workshops to your community? Reach out here for more on virtual workshops and how you can be involved.

One Love Certified Schools

The One Love certification program recognizes schools for their outstanding commitment to healthy relationship education demonstrated through a combination of education training, student leadership and ongoing awareness-building activities. Check out top schools in our region we recognize for outstanding commitment to healthy relationship education.

Emerging Leaders Network

If you’re a recent graduate, consider joining the Boston chapter of our Emerging Leaders Network to help fundraise and bring our mission to new audiences.

Regional Advisory Board

Samantha Adams, RLC Chair, Berkshire Partners
Kenneth C. Forasté, RLC Chair, The Coyle Company
Jennifer Belichick, New England Patriots
Joe Chase, Lake Street Advisors
Katherine Greaney
Kim GwinnLanndry, Landry Family Foundation
Kate Leness
Kully Reardon
Anthony W. Richards, II, Massachusetts Governor’s Office
Jennifer Todd, The Basketball Tournament