Move for Love-Seattle-Route

Start & Finish line: Outside of the North Muckleshoot Plaza Gate within North Parking Lot.

The course will consist of 2 laps within the stadium

Participants get to run across the field 3 times!

Course Description: The Course begins Outside of the North Muckleshoot Plaza Gate within North Parking Lot and kicks off under the Move for Love Start Line. After the start, participants will enter the stadium and immediately gain access onto the field! After running across the field participants will make their way up the concourse on the northwest side. The climb contains 8 switchbacks; after reaching the top of the stadium participants will be rewarded with sprawling views of Seattle. The course then continues to the Southwest side of the stadium and descends via 4 switchbacks. Participants will then enter into an indoor concourse on level 2. The course follows the concourse around to the Northeast corner of the stadium back down to level 1. Lap two begins on the Northwest concourse where participants get to experience the field for a second time. After completing running across the field for the third time, participants will exit the stadium on the Northwest corner and enter into the parking lot to finish the 5K course.