Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest

We’re bringing One Love’s mission to our region to educate our young people on the signs of unhealthy and healthy relationships

One Love has educated more than 35,000 in 116 schools and CPOs across the region
“One Love helps me with my friendships, and middle school is a good time to learn before we go to high school`` - Gabe, 7th grade, Seattle

Volunteer of the Month

One Love honors Regional Advisory Board Member Michelle Peiker for her incredible service to the PNW region. As a member of our inaugural Regional Advisory Board, Michelle has been instrumental in grant research and writing, and most recently has taken the lead of our Donor Appreciation team, coordinating efforts with our Community Action Network and Teen Ambassadors to reach out to our supporters and highlight their impact on our community. Thank you, Michelle!

Educate Your Community

Want to bring One Love workshops to your community? Reach out here for more on virtual workshops and how you can be involved.

One Love Certified Schools

The One Love certification program recognizes schools for their outstanding commitment to healthy relationship education demonstrated through a combination of education training, student leadership and ongoing awareness-building activities. Check out top schools in our region we recognize for outstanding commitment to healthy relationship education.

Volunteer Program

Sign up for Team One Love. When you join, you help us transform relationships, one conversation at a time. We empower and educate you so you can do the same for others.

Regional Leadership Council

Amy Anderson, Fleurish Partners
Jana Arnold, Seahawks Women’s Association
Maddy Brockert, Juice Marketing
Denise Cassidy
Angie Christensen, Seattle Police Department
Teri Citterman, Talonn, LLC
Jeff Dunn, Seattle Seahawks
Jeff Eadie, The Indigenous Institute
Courtney Hutchinson, Zillow
Christy Johnson, Artemis Connection
Jennifer Johnson
Akria Matsuno, Biotech Executive
Anastasia Miles, Coldwell Banker Bain
Anne Nielsen
Michelle Peiker
Amy Rotival
Eric Sanderson
Kim Smallwood, US Bank
Traci Schneider, Seahawks Women’s Association
Jenny Schultz
Michael Wansley, Tableau
Masao Yamada, Seattle Public Schools
Jenny Zenner, University of Virginia