The Allstate Foundation pursues equity so people and communities can thrive. Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $85 million to disrupt the cycle and prevalence of relationship abuse. The program empowers victims with the tools to achieve financial independence and live a life free from abuse and educates young people on healthy relationships to help prevent abuse before it starts. Learn more about

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Financial abuse occurs in nearly all cases of domestic violence. Survivors say it’s one of the main reasons they stayed in or returned to an abusive relationship. Check out the resources below to learn about financial abuse, how to start a conversation with someone you think may be experiencing it and where to direct them to improve their financial independence.

Signs of Financial Abuse – Often called an “invisible weapon,” financial abuse doesn’t leave scars but it’s just as powerful at keeping people trapped in abusive relationships. Learn the signs so you can identify if you or someone you know needs help.

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Ally Conversation Guide – Offering up help can be scary. This guide provides several ways to start these difficult but important conversations with friends and family who you suspect may be experiencing abuse.

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The Allstate Foundation Moving Ahead Curriculum – A free financial empowerment tool, designed for survivors, to improve their financial wellbeing and rebuild their lives after abuse.

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Allstate Foundation Videos
Survivor Story: Damaris
“He didn’t give me a black eye, but he broke everything else.” After years of domestic violence and financial abuse, Damaris found hope and eventually a home for her family. With the help of The Allstate Foundation Moving Ahead Curriculum, she rebuilt her finances and her future.
A lack of financial resources is one of the main reasons domestic violence victims remain in or return to abusive relationships. Check out these educational videos showing four ways everyone can improve their financial independence.

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