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A Crash Course In Handling Rejection

The spring/summer cusp is an exciting time of year: long days, less schoolwork, highly anticipated events like prom and graduation right around the corner. Maybe finals exams and dream vacations are the only thing on your mind; or maybe, just maybe you’re considering a prom-posal or summer romance.   You’re not going to want to hear […]

What “I’m Sorry” Means When it’s Used to Manipulate You

“I’m sorry” carries a lot of weight when it’s genuine. Saying it requires vulnerability to admit wrongdoing and the hurt that that wrongdoing has inflicted on the person you’re apologizing to. To be truly sorry means feeling regret or sorrow over an unfortunate situation and your role in it. But in unhealthy relationships, people often […]

Why Ride or Die Culture Promotes Unhealthy Relationships

Most of us are familiar with the term “ride or die,” but have no idea where the term comes from or how it gained mainstream appeal. Inspired by the Bonnie and Clyde mythologies, the term “ride or die” was popularized in hip-hop music during the 90s and early 2000s with songs like “Ryde or Die […]

How To Bounce Back From A Breakup

Dealing with the emotional turmoil of a breakup is the worst, especially when you’re in college. Add a breakup to an already hectic schedule, final exams, group presentations (ugh), and you have a recipe for disaster. Not all breakups are created equal but college breakups rank pretty high in my book. Before you pull out the […]

5 Ways to Find The Courage (You Already Have) to Leave

It’s difficult to rescue yourself from a bad relationship when you sort of feel like you belong there. It would seem that leaving an unhealthy relationship would be super easy, but it’s not that simple. Like any relationship, leaving is often more of a process than an event. Because of the impact unhealthy relationships can have […]

6 Surprising Thoughts You Might Have After a Traumatic Breakup

Breaking up with someone is hard enough, but when it’s because of unhealthy patterns or relationship abuse, it gets even more complicated. There will come a time when you’re at peace with your decision to end the relationship and feel ready to start another one. Until then, you might be surprised at some of the […]