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One Love’s Core Values

Think Big

We are innovative and bold in the name of accelerating progress. Fear of failure does not keep us from trying something that could be revolutionary. We think out of the box, experiment, and take calculated risks.

Commitment to Impact

Everything we do is driven by the impact we seek in the world. We are continually learning and evolving by listening to the communities we serve, evaluating our efforts, and iterating to ensure we have meaningful results.

Inclusion and Accessibility

Relationship abuse is a human issue, and we aspire to reach all youth. We create a common language for understanding healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, and we hold ourselves accountable to ensuring that people of all identities see themselves in this work and can access our resources.

Partnership is in our DNA

Nothing is possible without partners. We work hand in hand with individuals and organizations to educate, and we rely on inspired volunteers to help drive lasting change in their communities. Together we are stronger.

One One Love

We are deeply dedicated to our mission and to our team, practicing what we preach and working to build healthy relationships with one another. We help each other get the job done and are inspired by the possibility of what we can do together.


Belonging, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At One Love, we believe that belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion (BDEI) must be integrated into all we do. Employee and board engagement are our number one priority and strategy for success.

With a diverse team of employees leading BDEI working groups across the organization, we work to foster greater inclusivity and accessibility for all.

In partnership with our BDEI Champions on the Board and on the Executive team, we are committed in increasing representation and equity both internally and externally for the stakeholders and communities we serve.

BDEI in our Priority Areas

Educate Individuals

We strive for representation and equity in our program reach, program outcomes, program content, and volunteers.

Raise Awareness

We are committed to increasing media representation and partnerships for all communities impacted by relationship abuse.

Mobilize Millions

We seek to engage programs, donors and partners who are committed to ending relationship abuse and creating a world of healthier relationships for all. We are devoted to working alongside communities most impacted by domestic violence and relationship abuse.

Build a Strong Team

We work to ensure that our people feel a sense of belonging and inclusion at One Love so that they are energized to do their best work.