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One Love's workshops inspire young people to recognize and talk about an issue that affects everyone. In a world where emotionally unhealthy and abusive behaviors have become the norm, young people not only need, but are hungry for, knowledge that helps them build healthy ones. Discover One Love's resources and trainings - for free - on the One Love Education Center.
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Our evidence-based curriculum teaches young people how to identify – and to know what to do when they see – the signs of an unhealthy relationship in their own or their friends’ lives. These seven learning objectives summarize the skills and beliefs that are key to positively changing relationship behavior:

Know the signs and spot the signs

Understand the 10 Signs of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship and be able to recognize them in your life and in the relationships around you.

Engage in conversations about healthy 
and unhealthy relationships

To change the norms around relationship health, we need to go beyond recognizing the healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors we see around us and begin talking about them with others.

Practice healthy relationship behaviors

Everyone deserves to be in healthy relationships. This means (1) live the 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship, (2) set expectations for what we deserve in a relationship, and (3) build a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Communicate boundaries and 
practice consent

Setting and respecting boundaries of all types - physical, digital, emotional - are central to a healthy relationship.

Help a friend in an unhealthy relationship

To effectively help our friends, we need to recognize when they are experiencing or engaging in unhealthy behaviors, have the courage to have the conversation, and knowledge of how to do so safely.

Navigate endings

Understanding when and how to end a relationship requires thoughtful decision-making under stressful circumstancing, even more so when the relationship might be dangerous and there is a need for safety planning.

Access resources when in need

To get support, you need to know who to turn to – parents, trusted adult, professionals, peers – and be willing to reach out, even when it might be uncomfortable.
One Love’s interactive skills-based workshops create opportunities for participants to practice the language of healthy and unhealthy relationships, actively explore and express their ideas with peers, and to reflect on their experiences. One Love’s workshops often utilize compelling, relatable films that allow participants to explore the complicated dynamics of relationships.
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Student Testimonials

“After learning about this topic, I feel confident to be able to classify if a relationship is healthy or not and how to approach someone who may be in an unhealthy relationship. I think being able to educate others on this topic is what the world needs and I’m glad that One Love has dedicated their organization to fulfill that.”
High School Student
“The One Love Foundation has empowered me to evaluate my relationships naturally and honestly. I am now more aware of my behaviors and their implications regarding the quality of my friendships. I feel better able to love healthily and remove myself from situations in which healthy love is not reciprocated.”
High School Student
“One Love has truly impacted my community. I might not be in a relationship and never have, but because of One Love’s videos and awareness I now look for the signs before it even happens. I now have the knowledge and understanding that can save me from a life-or-death situation.”
High School Student
“It taught me a lot of red flags that I wouldn’t have otherwise understood even though now I realize I’ve seen them in my friends and my own relationships before.”
College Student
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One Love’s train-the-trainer model enables anyone, anywhere to bring One Love’s life-saving educational programs to young people. The Education Center offers both live and asynchronous training courses, along with hundreds of resources, to make it easy for you, a future rockstar facilitator, to learn how to facilitate One Love workshops.
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Facilitator Testimonials

“One Love workshops are SO impactful! They create a space for students to have discussions on topics that no one is having yet everyone is at some point in their life involved in. With nearly 100% feedback from students that this is an important topic to learn about and discuss, the ease of the facilitator platform has allowed for me to tailor the experience based on time and maturity level of the grades.”
Alexis, Mental Health Therapist
“Facilitating One Love workshops has afforded me the opportunity to expand in my community with young people. It has been a vehicle for self-development, enlightenment, and vulnerable storytelling. Through facilitating my first workshop, Behind the Post, I have gained comfort in speaking to groups, owning my narrative, and sharing authentically with others.”
Kei, College Student
“I've had a great experience facilitating One Love workshops. In the evaluation from a workshop with the football team a student shared the following: "I will communicate about what I need and ask my relationships what they need." This is all I wanted to accomplish and was so great to hear.”
Elizabeth, Graduate Assistant
“My experience facilitating One Love workshops has been such a straightforward, accessible, and positive experience. Not only are all the related materials (activity guides, the film, resources) easy to find and use, but I always learn something new from the workshop and the group of students I’m presenting to.”
Simone, College Student
“When I show students One Love videos, they feel like they're watching a movie or TV show where the characters are well-written, 3-dimensional, and relatable. They get really involved and have a lot to say afterwards. One Love has found the perfect way to support educators in addressing this topic.”
Bronwen,, Educator

Visit our comprehensive Education Center for free resources, guides, training courses, live events, and tools to support you in bringing One Love’s educational programs to your community. We promise you don’t want to miss it.