One Love Leaders Circle

One Love Leaders Circle is a community of generous supporters dedicated to ending relationship abuse and creating a world of healthier relationships. By joining One Love Leaders Circle, your gift will help prevent abuse by teaching people the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and empower people to have healthier relationships.

Make an Impact

Make an Impact

Given the magnitude of people impacted by this issue, it’s imperative that we mobilize millions to participate and double the number of individual donors who support One Love. Your support of $1,000+ will help keep our education free of cost and reach those who need it most. Together, we can change and save lives.

“I truly believe that life is worth living because of the relationships we build with other people. The meaning behind our actions revolves around the joy and love we share with the lives around us. Therefore, one of the best ways we improve the life quality and overall well-being is by nurturing the relationships that define our lives. That is a rather philosophical concept, but programs like One Love put those intangible notions into pragmatic practice.”

Beau G.
Student Leader, St. Francis DeSales High School

“Each facet of my identity contributes to my understanding of how vital relationship health education is. As a survivor of relationship health violence, I have experienced firsthand how detrimental a lack of relationship health education can be. After two and a half years of abuse and manipulation, I remember feeling lost in how to recover and identify what had happened to me. In hindsight, I wish I was equipped with rhetoric to have demanded better as a young woman rather than relying on peer influence.”

Sydney B.
Student Leader, Cornell University

“I do believe that a lot of people in my community don’t understand the concept that love is learned and feel that loving is something you’re born knowing how to do correctly. However, that is not the case, and it is why we have many cases of unhealthy relationships or abuse. By teaching relationship education, we may not be able to eliminate this, but even if it helps one person, I believe that it can change lots of relationships.”

Kaiya R.
Student Leader, Georgia State University

As a valued supporter of One Love, Leaders Circle members will receive:

  • Personalized updates on impact from One Love team members, educators, and young people impacted by One Love’s program.
  • Insider opportunities, such as a first look at the new educational resources.
  • Invites to meet and network with other Leader Circle members at national and local events.
  • Exclusive One Love communications, such as special edition newsletters.
  • $25 to gift yourself or someone in your life swag from One Love’s shop.


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