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10 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship Is Healthy

10 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship Is Healthy

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If you were asked what a healthy relationship looked like, what would you say? Is it one that’s incredibly passionate, filled with desire, chemistry and spontaneity? Or is your idea of a healthy relationship one that includes support from your partner, reliability and security? While people have different preferences, there are some major key elements to all healthy relationships.

Here are just 10 of the many things that make up a healthy relationship. If you can say yes to all of these, your relationship is probably #goals!

1. You compliment one another more than you point out flaws.

2. When you have a disagreement, you can see your partner’s point of view and neither person is left feeling guilty or confused.

3. You don’t raise your voices or lash out at one another when things get heated.

4. You and your partner are genuinely happy when things go right for one another, like when you ace that test you’ve been studying super hard for or they get the summer internship of their dreams.

5. You feel like you can be completely yourself around your partner – that quirky goofy side of you comes out.

6. You aren’t stuck reliving memories about how good things were at the beginning of your relationship.

7. You feel like you are both on the same team and you have fun together – it’s not drama filled or an emotional rollercoaster.

8. You can talk to your partner about anything without feeling ashamed or judged, fearing how they will respond, or adjusting what you say so they don’t retaliate.

9. You trust one another completely. No need to go through their texts, dictate who they’re friends with, check who they Snap, or watch what pics they like on the Gram.

10. When you’re intimate, both people are satisfied and comfortable – it doesn’t feel one-sided.


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