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Experience our 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship—in motion!

Experience our 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship—in motion!

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One Love Heart Blue Written by One Love staff member Sheridan Riolo

Just because your favorite gym is closed doesn’t mean you can’t stay active during the quarantine. One Love curated a ten-session yoga playlist to help you embody the 10 Signs and to encourage you to #LoveBetter by practicing them on and off the mat—with yourself and those around you. The best part? These practices can be done in the comfort of your own home!  

No matter what brings you to the mat—stress, change in routine, a need to feel grounded—let’s all try to walk away with the same goal: a dedication to healthy relationships! 

Day 1: Practicing COMFORTABLE PACE on the mat

Ease Into It (35 min)

Practicing COMFORTABLE PACE off the mat  

Just like any healthy relationship, establishing a comfortable pace with yourself is essential! Whether you’re new to yoga, new to the at-home movement, or experiencing newness in some other way, starting off slow and building from there is a great rule to live by. Oftentimes when we encounter new things, we expect perfection right away, when we should be patient with ourselves. 

Day 2: Practicing TRUST on the mat

Trust (36 min)

Practicing TRUST off the mat  

Trusting yourself can be difficult in uncertain times—but you’ve got this! Your intuition and your feelings are valid. Don’t be too concerned with making the “right” choice; trust yourself to choose what’s best for you. 

A big part of trusting others is assuming positive intent. When things get tense or somebody gets on your nerves, trust them enough to know they’re not doing it on purpose. 

Day 3: Practicing RESPECT on the mat

Yoga for Self Respect (20 min) 

Practicing RESPECT off the mat

 With self-respect comes the knowledge that not only do we want, but we deserve it. You deserve to put you first. You deserve to feel your feelings, to take time for yourself, to have personal goals. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a moment to appreciate you in all your glory! 

Others have a right to their thoughts, actions, beliefs, and feelings too. Practice honoring others for their differences and allowing them the same grace you allow yourself. 

Day 4: Practice TAKING RESPONSIBILITY on the mat

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress (30 min) 

Practice TAKING RESPONSIBILITY off the mat

 A huge part of taking responsibility in our relationships with others is getting right with ourselves first. We all feel stressed or anxious at some point, and these negative feelings can be the reason we act in unhealthy ways toward others—but they are never an excuse! It’s on you to acknowledge these feelings and work through themwhether that means playing this video on repeat or taking a quiet moment to process. 

Day 5: Practice HEALTHY CONFLICT on the mat

 Let it Go Yoga Flow ( 20 min) 

Practice HEALTHY CONFLICT off the mat

Sometimes it can be the little things that cause us to grow frustrated, irritable, or straight-up angry. It’s good to practice letting it go! To have healthy conflict, we need to work out our own stuff first. That way we can re-approach our loved ones, ready to hear them out and respect their boundaries. 

Day 6: Practice KINDNESS on the mat

Be kind (13 min)  

Practice KINDNESS off the mat

We all know it’s the golden rule, but what does this look like in times of change, uncertainty, and stress? It can look like leniency, kind words, or extra space if that’s what someone needs. Go out of your way to be kind for someone else who may need it—including yourself! 

Day 7: Practice EQUALITY on the mat

Balance (20 min) 

Practice EQUALITY off the mat

We could all use a little balance in our lives and in our relationships. Use the imagery of a scale to help guide you in inviting more equality into your relationships. Who’s getting what they want most of the time? Who’s making sacrifices? Think and communicate about how you can even things out together.  

Day 8: Practice FUN on the mat 

Yoga Joy (19 min) 

Practice FUN off the mat 

Isn’t it strange to be told to practice fun?! Even though it seems second nature, every so often we need to be reminded not to take life too seriously. Take a moment to find joy in the people around you, or joy in the time you spend by yourself. Social interaction and our relationships (even those with ourselves) are for our enjoyment. Do a fun activity together, watch a funny video, send a meme to a friend, dare I say it…giggle! 

Day 9: Practice HONESTY on the mat 

Truth Practice (14 min) 

Practice HONESTY off the mat 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, worried, or scared, say it out loud. Whether that’s to an empty room or to a trusted person in your life, getting things off your chest can be extremely powerful. We hide things from ourselves and others, hoping that by not saying it out loud, we can make it go away. However, the true release comes from being honest and allowing others to support you in a time of need. 

Day 10: Practice INDEPENDENCE on the mat 

Fill Your Cup Yoga (21 min)

Practice INDEPENDENCE off the mat:

It’s hard to support and encourage others when you feel spent. We’re rounding out our ten-day series with a reminder to put some alone time on the books and embrace your independenceThe time you take for yourself isn’t selfish—it’s essential—and it may even make you a better friend, parent, partner, or friend. Even if it’s just the 21 minutes you spend on this practice or two minutes you can steal here and there, it’s worth it.