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QUIZ: How do you express your love? 

QUIZ: How do you express your love? 

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One Love Heart Blue Written by One Love Staff member Jalesa Tucker

We are officially 9 days away from one of the most romantic holidays of the year: Valentine’s Day. While most people are getting ready for Valentine’s Day by making dinner reservations or purchasing holiday chocolates (or maybe even avoiding Cupid’s arrow), One Love is helping you focus on expressing your love through healthy behavior. Why, you ask? Because this is the season to love better. We at One Love believe love is a skill we can all work on, and by learning about healthy relationships and committing to bring healthier behavior into your friendships or relationship, we can create a more loving world.  

Everyone expresses their love differently. From gifts of gratitude to late night phone calls to let your partner or friend know you have their back, how we show our love differs from person to person. Want to know how you express your love? Take our quiz below to find out! 

1. Your classmates would vote you:  

A. Most likely to travel the world solo. 

B. Most likely to speak out against corruption. 

C. Most likely to offer a helping hand. 

D. Most likely to remain calm under pressure. 


2. What’s your favorite afterschool activity? 

A. Playing the lead role in a musical. 

B. Writing your next masterpiece for your school newspaper. 

C. Attending practice with your teammates. 

D. Trying out the newest game for your PS4 or making it to that hot yoga class you love.  


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3. Your friend or partner posts on InstaStories, you: 

A. Send a few emojis and keep tapping. 

B. Respond and then take the convo offline. You prefer to prioritize talking and hanging out IRL. 

C. Leave a funny comment or two. You love to show your support on social media, but you don’t feel the need to comment all the time. 

D. Do nada. You prefer to keep your cool. 


4. You want to show your partner how much you care about them so you… 

A. Plan an elaborate date. 

B. Write them a letter. 

C. Throw a party for them with all your friends. 

D. Give them your Netflix password.  


5. Your friend or partner cancels a night out, what do you do? 

A. You attend a Game of Thrones watch party instead, duh. 

B. You’re bummed they canceled but wait to tell them in-person, honesty is the best policy. 

C. You send the sunglasses emoji to prove you’re not sweating it. You offer to make plans another time.  

D. No big deal. You make plans with your pals instead. 


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6. Your friend or partner posts updates online even though they haven’t responded to your texts, you: 

A. Decide to speak with them another time. You know how crucial space and freedom is in any relationship. 

B. You calmly ask open-ended questions in-person. You don’t mind that they couldn’t respond immediately but you want to make sure something else wasn’t bothering them. 

C. You trust them so it’s totally fine if they can’t get back to you immediately. 

D. Give them time to reach out to you when they’re ready. You never want them to feel pressured to get back to you immediately. 


7. Your friend or partner makes plans without you. What do you do in your spare time?  

A. You exchange snapchats with people you’ve been meaning to reconnect with. It’s super important for you to have friends outside of your relationship anyway.  

B. Your feelings are a little hurt because you feel excluded, but you have no problem calmly letting them know. In the meantime, you’re happy to explore a new hobby on your own. 

C. You sympathize with your pal or partner because you know it wasn’t done on purpose and decide to see a movie with someone else. 

D. People have different comfort levels when it comes to how often they want to hang out and you’re okay with that. You plan to hang out with them another time.  


8. Your friend or partner asked you to skip basketball practice to hang out with them. You text them:  

A. “Thanks, but no thanks.” Pursuing your interests outside of your relationship makes you happy. 

B. “No way. Let’s hang out another time.” You definitely want to hang out ASAP but skipping practice is not an option. You then encourage them to show up for practice too.   

C. “Is everything okay? I’ll be right there! ” You talk to your coach and explain that you want to be there for your friend or partner. They give you an OK to skip this practice. 

D. “I’m okay. Let’s meet later?” You’re up for anything once practice is done. 


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Answer Key:  

Mostly A’s You Are Super Independent 

You value your time alone just as much as you value your time with a partner or friend. That’s why you value independence more than anything in your relationships. And like any healthy relationship, you would never hold someone back from meeting new people or pursuing their dreams. Since you both call the shots, you’re comfortable letting your partner (or friend) know when you’re craving more space and freedom in your relationship. 

Mostly B’s – You Are an Honest Communicator 

Some people may think having a good relationship means you agree on everything – but that is not the case! You know it’s natural to have disagreements and you have no problem speaking up about them in a healthy way. Though you’re honest, you would never dream of lashing out at a partner or a friend. Healthy communication means the people around you can talk about anything –the good and the bad, without you getting angry. Because you’re always striving to be a healthy communicator, people often listen when you talk, even if they don’t agree. 

Mostly C’s You Are Loyal & Compassionate 

You’re the Tom Brady of your friendship group, always loyal to your squad. Your constant encouragement and optimism let your friends know that you are a great person to rely on. You’re equally excited for your friend’s wins as you are your own because you genuinely want them to be happy. The kindness and compassion you offer your friend or partner let them know you’ll be there to help them through the good times, and tough times too. 

Mostly D’s – You Are Easy Going & Respectful

Balance should be your middle name because you intuitively know that healthy relationships can’t be rushed. While it’s normal to want to spend a lot of time with a partner or friend, there’s a difference between healthy and unhealthy passion. Because you understand that healthy relationships are about balance and respect, you allow your relationships to happen at a pace that’s comfortable for everyone involved. 


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