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One Love Foundation Names Five Inspiring Young Leaders as Recipients of the 2022 Yeardley Reynolds Love Unsung Hero Award

One Love Foundation Names Five Inspiring Young Leaders as Recipients of the 2022 Yeardley Reynolds Love Unsung Hero Award

One Love Foundation Names Five Inspiring Young Leaders as Recipients of the 2022 Yeardley Reynolds Love Unsung Hero Award

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The award recognizes collegiate lacrosse players who are exceptional teammates and role models in their communities. 

New York, NY (May 24, 2022) — One Love Foundation, a national non-profit dedicated to ending relationship abuse and empowering young people to see the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, is pleased to announce five winners of the 2022 Yeardley Reynolds Love (YRL) Unsung Hero Award. The award celebrates the accomplishments of collegiate Divisions I, II, and III lacrosse players who demonstrate dedication, integrity, humility, hard work, community service, leadership, kindness, and sportsmanship. 

“It is a joy to read all the nominations that coaches thoughtfully submit, interview the finalists who are all so deserving, and celebrate all of these amazing student-athletes,” said Sharon Robinson, One Love Chair, Yeardley Love’s cousin and head of the YRL Unsung Hero Award Committee. “Each one has a unique story — and each one has made a meaningful and positive impact on their team and community. Although Yeardley has been gone for 12 years, its feels like her spirit of kindness and selflessness is exhibited in these incredible student leaders.” 

The YRL Unsung Hero Award was established in 2011 to honor Yeardley Reynolds Love, a Division I lacrosse player at the University of Virginia, who was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend just three weeks shy of her graduation in 2010. One Love Foundation was founded in her honor to educate young people on the importance of healthy relationships. 

One Love Foundation and the YRL Unsung Hero Award Committee would like to congratulate the inspiring winners of this year’s YRL Unsung Hero Award. To commemorate this award, each winner will get to select a charity to receive a donation in their name. 


Women’s Division I: 
Cara Scanio, Hofstra University ’23, from Massapequa, NY 

Cara is an inspiration in that she has persevered through a torn ACL in high school and another surgery in college to repair it.  After her mother’s death from breast cancer, Cara started a foundation in her honor to “spread kindness.”  The Suzanne M. Scanio Foundation hosts events to raise funds for breast cancer research and to assist families facing hardship or grief.  She is also involved in Morgan’s Message to raise awareness about athletes’ mental health and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as her faith has helped her through hardship.  As Cara says, “I have become more thoughtful, compassionate, and open minded since my mom died. Be kind to everyone. You have no idea what others are dealing with.” She wants to become an oncology nurse and is sure to change the world! 

 “Kindness and generosity signify exactly who Cara is,” said Cara’s Coach, Shannon Smith. “Cara has survived and persevered with so much grace, positivity, and gratitude. She is truly an inspiration to our team, coaching staff, and athletic department.” 


Men’s Division I: 
Jeremy Winston, Jacksonville University ’22, from Dallas, TX 

Jeremy is a team captain and strong player for his Jacksonville team.  He is a quiet leader who takes Coach Galloway’s advice to heart “to always be genuine and don’t do anything beneath yourself.” As a senior leader, he has challenged himself to always ‘do more’ and ‘bring others with him.’  He values his teammates so much as they have helped him through struggles, and he always works to be kind to others.   

“Jeremy Winston sits in a class of his own. I am a better coach, husband, and person because of my last five years with Jeremy leading our program,” said Jeremy’s Coach, John Galloway. “I trust Jeremy with this program because he is always focused on doing the right thing. With him in the room, I know things are being done the right way. I couldn’t be prouder of him!”


Women’s Division II: 
Grace Heighway, Walsh University ’23 from Westerville, Ohio  

Grace Heighway, a rising senior at Walsh University, has overcome adversity after adversity over the last three years. After experiencing a fractured back and two back-to-back ACL tears, Grace embraced a new role on the team and, according to coach Erin Smith, became “the ultimate student-athlete off the field.” Grace also started the Pre-Occupational Therapy club at Walsh and has volunteered for at least eight different organizations while in school, from animal shelters to toy drives and medical centers. Grace’s perseverance, positive attitude, and commitment to her community is inspiring to everyone she meets. She will pursue Occupational Therapy post-graduation. 


Women’s Division III: 
Abigail Eberle, St. Lawrence University ’22, from Burlington, Connecticut 

Abigail Eberle, a senior at St. Lawrence University, exemplifies leadership both on and off the field. A team captain and ROTC Commander, Abby’s leadership skills are unmatched. Though she was unable to play with the team during preseason due to injury, she spent an additional two hours per day in the training room to ensure she could show up at practice and be the leader her teammates needed her to be, whether on the field or not. According to her coach Chelsea Martin, “Abby has a way of making all feel welcomed, valued, and cared for.” In another act of selfless leadership, Abby will be joining the Air Force as a Space Operations Officer after graduation. 


Men’s Division III: 
Gilmathan Del Valle, University of Massachusetts Boston, from Chelsea, MA 

Gil Del Valle, a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston, is a selfless teammate determined to give back to his community. A native of Chelsea, MA, Gil came to the lacrosse world through Harlem Lacrosse and works full-time to help fund his education. Adjusting to full-time school, work, and lacrosse was tough, and Gil initially took a season away from lacrosse to focus on academics. He came back to the team more inspired than ever to be the best teammate, student, and community leader possible. Gil also finds the time to serve as Game Director for the non-profit AWANA and as a resident assistant on campus. He founded a Student-Athletes of Color Coalition at UMass Boston that has now expanded to the entire Little East Conference. Gil’s goal is to become a first-grade teacher back in his hometown of Chelsea to give back to his community through education.  


One Love Foundation is dedicated to improving the relationship health of future generations. The non-profit organization has educated more than 1.8 million young people through educational workshops, both in-person and online, by teaching them the signs of unhealthy and healthy relationship behaviors. One Love was founded in honor of Yeardley Love, a 22-year-old college student whose life was tragically cut short when she was killed by her ex-boyfriend. Her family learned during the trial that her death could have been prevented had they recognized the signs of an abusive relationship. For more information, visit joinonelove.org   




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