One Love workshops

Empower your community to love better. These film-based workshops, which don’t require training and can be held by anyone, shine a spotlight on the early warning signs of unhealthy relationships. Each film has its own discussion guide that you can freely download.

Social media can skew our view of the relationships around us, including our own. These 10 short films show how unhealthy behavior can be disguised as picture perfect Instagram moments. Start a conversation about separating social media illusion from reality.

Using declarations of love to control and coerce is a common behavior in unhealthy relationships. These films explore how the words “Because I love you” can be used to justify abuse. Learn more about recognizing this kind of manipulation and empower your friends to do the same.

This light and accessible series of eight short videos show how a conflict-free situation in a healthy relationship becomes toxic in an unhealthy relationship. Discuss with your friends how you can learn to identify warning signs and call out when #thatsnotlove.

Being in a love labyrinth means feeling trapped in an unhealthy situation. This film explores how a person uses gaslighting and intimidation tactics to confuse, frighten and undermine his partner. Open up a dialogue about raising awareness of this form of abuse.