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Cadence Ford


Travel back in time to uncover what caused a rift in the small town of Cadence Ford. This educational video game, created in collaboration with  iThrive Games and Playmatics, empowers youth with the skills and knowledge to help a friend in an unhealthy relationship. Through this journey, you’ll explore different story lines that convey the complexity of intersectional identities and relationship abuse.

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As players figure out how to successfully confront their friends in the game and offer help, they practice having difficult, life-saving conversations while familiarizing themselves with the unhealthy behaviors that may surface in relationships.

Classroom Learning Game Screenshots with Diverse Characters and Situations

Cadence Ford Teaches Real-Life Skills


This game teaches practical skills by defining what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like in real life. A classroom learning game that can be brought to any school or community, Cadence Ford is a great way to teach relationship health education to youth. The game expands on One Love Foundation’s mission to bring life-changing relationship education to young people and was created with teen feedback throughout the development process.