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Practice Healthy Behaviors
Boundaries and Consent
Help a Friend
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These eight, lighthearted, and humorous videos focus on healthy and unhealthy behaviors in both friendships and dating relationships.
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These short clips jumpstart conversations about friendships and dating relationships, whether healthy or unhealthy.

This workshop is designed in such a way that you can use each video on its own and assemble them however works best for you. Given the length of each Couplet, they’re incredibly flexible and easily adapted to a variety of learning environments. For example, you can use one Couplet as a warm up discussion, or 2-3 during an advisory period. If you’re meeting with a group regularly, you can introduce 1-2 each time!

For each Couplet video, we’ve highlighted the associated 10 Signs of a Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship.

Grade Recommendation
6th - 12th
Episode length
20 seconds
Minimum Workshop Length
30 minutes
“I know I needed to hear this, and I know so many more that need to think about it.”
12th grade
"I think what we learned from this workshop applies to all relationships in life and therefore can apply to everyone, and everyone can learn something valuable from attending a One Love workshop."
10th Grade