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Door Three

Know the Signs
Engage in Conversations
Practice Healthy Behaviors
Boundaries and Consent
Help a Friend
Navigate Endings
Access Resources
A loving, joking group of queer friends get serious when one of the group’s on again/off again relationships takes a turn they can no longer ignore.
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Door Three looks at the challenges of being friends with someone in an unhealthy relationship. In the film, Emery and Indigo try to figure out how to help Dae, who resists their support while being in an unhealthy relationship for two years. 

We are grateful for our partnership with The Allstate Foundation to create a film fellowship program that offered young LGBTQ+ and filmmakers of color the opportunity to write, direct, and produce short films, uplifting underrepresented voices and exploring how we learn to love better. Door Three was created by Hypatia Sorunke and Cortiana Barnes of Austin, TX. 

Grade Recommendation
9th - College
Film Length
10 minutes
Minimum Workshop Length
45 minutes
“It was very relevant as the video included all kind of of relationships, including friendships. Also focusing on Black queer people is important and this video does that.”
12th grade
“It was a very helpful resource related to building and maintaining friendships/relationships with others and what we can do to support other people. This workshop was a great way to remind myself all of the good factors of a relationship and works best for me."
12th grade