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FAQ: Education Center

Check out the frequently asked questions below or reach out to us if you have questions!

1. I’m interested in speaking with a One Love staff member about bringing relationship health education to my community.
One Love is happy to connect you with a Regional Engagement Coordinator to support you in introducing this critical conversation to your community. Reach out at www.joinonelove.org/contact-us to ask a question or set up a time to hop on the phone to discuss all things One Love!

2. Can I share the Education Center with my friends, students, colleagues, and others?
Absolutely! The One Love Education Center is available to all at no cost. A new user can simply set up an account at www.joinonelove.org/education-center to access the workshop courses, resources, and so much more!

3. Do all of One Love’s film-based workshops require training?
Yes! The two prerequisite courses – Intro to One Love and Effective Facilitation – are required prior for any workshop-specific training course. After that, each workshop has varying amounts of additional training required. We want to ensure our facilitators feel confident to start the conversation!

4. Can I still access One Love’s workshop videos on the One Love website or YouTube?
All of One Love’s video-based workshop content will now live on the Education Center. If you have difficulty accessing the videos, please reach out at joinonelove.org/contact-us.

5. I would like to connect with a One Love staff member about an accommodation I need or about making this site more accessible.
One Love is dedicated to ensuring that our materials and site are accessible to all. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at joinonelove.org/contact-us and select “I need accommodations or have feedback on accessibility.” One Love will be in touch quickly to discuss how we can work together to make this a successful experience for you.