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Educator Events

Educator Events

Sign up for our upcoming live professional development events. Join educators from across the country and get access to free resources, webinars, certification programs and more to help support relationship health education in your community.

One Love Live Q+A

These sessions are focused on ensuring that - after you've gone through a One Love training - you feel prepared and confident to lead One Love workshops in your community. Sign up for a session once you have completed a training on the education center!


May 4th, 3 pm- One Love Live Q+A
May 11th, 4 pm- Navigating Healthy LGBTQIA+ Relationships
May 17th, 3 pm- Door Three Model Workshop
May 23rd, 4 pm- Door Three Training
June 1st, Live Q+A for CBO’s
June 6th, Jun and Jayden Model Workshop
June 15th, Jun and Jayden Live Training
June 20th, Live Q+A for Colleges + Schools
June 29th, Road Trip Live Training
July 11th, Escalation Live Training
July 26th, One Love Info Session

These free, virtual sessions will prepare you to lead One Love workshops in your community. The sessions will ensure that you have a live space to talk through you questions/concerns and learn more about facilitating an effective workshop. Please ensure that before joining this session you have already been through facilitator trainings on One Love’s Education Center.