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Celebrate Your Freedom: Independence in Relationships

As Independence Day rolls around, let’s chat about something just as important as fireworks and BBQs: independence in relationships. Your personal freedom is a big deal, even when you’re in a relationship. Here’s why having your own space is a total game-changer for a healthy relationship.   Keep Doing You: Why Independence Matters Being in […]

Practicing Equality in Your Relationships

Equality is one of One Love’s 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship. When you have equality in your relationship or friendship, it feels balanced and like everyone is putting the same effort into the success of the relationship. Equality can be challenging to practice, especially when you and your partner or friend come from different […]

How To Talk To A Friend In An Unhealthy Relationship

It’s not easy to know how to talk to a friend when we’re worried they’re in an unhealthy relationship.  We might wonder if it’s even our place to say something – what if we do, and they get mad and we damage the friendship? We want to assure you that it’s always our business to […]

Hope After Abuse: What I Wish I Knew About Relationships In College

As a freshman in college – my first real time out from under the constant and very watchful eye of my family, I fell head over heels with the guy I met while eating cafeteria chicken tenders alone in my building’s Common Room.  He was the first guy I met who also thought the Shrek […]

A Crash Course In Handling Rejection

The spring/summer cusp is an exciting time of year: long days, less schoolwork, highly anticipated events like prom and graduation right around the corner. Maybe finals exams and dream vacations are the only thing on your mind; or maybe, just maybe you’re considering a prom-posal or summer romance.   You’re not going to want to hear […]

6 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself When You Feel Lost in Your Relationship

Do you feel that you completely lose yourself when you are in a relationship? The person you are with becomes the center of your universe? You skip out on extracurricular activities and break plans with friends because your entire day is scheduled around them? You rarely speak up and never voice your own needs and […]

3 Steps to Spring Clean Your Relationships

A lot of time, energy, and marketing dollars go into the concept of “Spring Cleaning” and there’s a reason why. It feels almost cleansing to get back that extra hour of sunlight each evening, finally see budding plants instead of bare branches, and be able to step outside without 17 layers and a rain poncho. […]

Anxiety or Butterflies? How to tell what you’re feeling when you first start talking to someone

Spring has sprung and it’s time to talk butterflies. No, not the beautiful flying insects that were recently caterpillars. I’m talking about the warm, fluttery feeling you get around that special someone new. The way you know you’re excited to continue getting to know someone and are hopeful about where things may go. THOSE butterflies. […]

5 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Healthy

For many, February means Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate loved ones and relationships — romantic, platonic, and familial. There’s truly no limitation on who you can give a heart-shaped box of chocolate to.   February also marks Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, a time when we are reminded that unhealthy relationships and […]