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How to Practice Allyship Using the 10 Signs

During the month of June the United States observes both Juneteenth and Pride Month. Juneteenth commemorates the end* of slavery in the U.S., when the news of the Emancipation Proclamation finally reached and freed enslaved Black Americans in Galveston, Texas on June 19th, 1865 (*although Black Americans were enslaved in Delaware until December 6, 1865). […]

What Movie Prom Scenes Can Teach Us About Relationships

Prom season is upon us and millions of high school students are thinking about the big night. Some are sweating over what to wear. Others are figuring out pre- and after-party plans. But for most everyone, the biggest stressor revolves around who they are going to prom with.   Teens have long learned about romance (and […]

Super Bowl Ads that Feature Healthy Relationships Win the Night

Super Bowl LVII gave us many great moments and memories. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni isn’t afraid to be emotionally vulnerable, as he shed more than a few tears during the National Anthem. Rihanna used her halftime performance to share with the world that she’s pregnant with her second child. And Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce […]

Our Favorite Male Relationships in Pop Culture

Written by One Love staff member Gabriel Naccarato At One Love, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the boys! With so much talk about healthy relationships, relationships between men can sometimes take a backseat. And we’re looking to change that by taking a look at some of our favorite relationships in our favorite shows.   […]

Ted Lasso: Like Football, Love Takes Practice

Image credit: Apple TV+ Written by One Love staff member Sheridan Riolo Ted Lasso—ever heard of him? Recently, the AppleTV+ series has taken the streaming world by storm and captured the hearts of many. What you need to know: Ted Lasso is a successful college football coach when he is recruited to manage and coach AFC Richmond, prominent soccer—sorry, football—team […]

5 Things You Have in Common With the Grinch

 Written by Writer’s Corps member Allison Korahais  Let’s admit it, the Grinch is iconic but for all of the wrong reasons. Unlike your typical cheesy holiday film villain, the Grinch has a legitimate bone to pick with Christmas. Haven survived childhood trauma – he was orphaned on Christmas and bullied because he was different – […]

Riverdale Couples: Which One Is Relationship #Goals?

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW  Written by Writer’s Corps member Ashlyn Jones  Many of us have a #GOALS couple on Riverdale, the entertaining, drama-filled TV series that has more twists and turns than a tangled garden hose. While we love the dark mysteries and following the gorgeous cast navigate the troubled waters of school, family, […]

The Bachelorette: Why Hasn’t Hannah Sent Luke P. Home? 

PHOTO: Courtesy of The Bachelorette/ABC  Written by One Love Staff members Emily Lloyd, Samantha Hanson, Hollin Haneau, and Annie Forrest Every season of the Bachelorette has a “villain” — a universally disliked contestant who pushes the buttons of every person on the show, including the lead. It is the presence of such a villain that […]

The Bachelorette: Why Luke P.’s Behavior has Unhealthy Written All Over It

PHOTO: Courtesy of The Bachelorette/ABC  Written by One Love student fellow Hollin Hanau The Bachelor franchise has always been my guilty pleasure. Every Monday night at 8:00 pm, I throw on my pajamas, snuggle up on my couch, and tune in to ABC for roses, drama, and Chris Harrison… OH MY! While in seasons past […]