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How To Put An End to Victim Blaming

“What did you do to provoke them?”  “Was there alcohol involved?”  “Why haven’t you left yet?”   * These questions are commonly referred to as victim blaming – when a friend, colleague, or acquaintance says things to imply that you might have done something to deserve the abuse. These perspectives and mindsets are harmful on a […]

Do You Have Texting Anxiety?

Written by Writer’s Corps member Katie Moino I want you to be honest with yourself: Do you sometimes have texting anxiety? It’s totally okay if you do! In fact, I’d say most of us do. While texting is nice because it gives you the time to really think about what you want to say, it […]

7 Questions Before You’re Ready to Meet

Ding! Your phone goes off. It’s a message from that person you’ve been talking to on a dating app. They want to know if you want to get dinner sometime this week. You hesitate. You’ve been talking with this person for about a week, and they seem nice, but are you ready to meet up? […]

How to Protect Yourself in Digital Relationships

 Written by Writer’s Corps member Rachel Kearns  Enough is enough. The endless texting, the constant demands for your attention, every like on Instagram tracked and questioned. Whether you’ve read our post on 10 Unhealthy Signs in Digital Relationships or are learning to set your own boundaries, here you’ll find the next steps in protecting yourself […]

7 Deadly Signs: Lethal Behaviors to Look Out for in an Abusive Relationship 

We know that leaving an abusive partner is incredibly difficult and dangerous. And there are tons of reasons (like hoping things will get better or go back to how they were in the beginning) why people stay in relationships that are toxic, but the truth is abuse only gets more dangerous over time. Knowing the […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Love Bombing 

A new relationship can be one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether that’s a new friend or partner, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and bombard them with a million text messages in a row.   You share every funny post you see on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, any social media […]

What to do after a breakup: Keeping yourself safe online

Thinking about checking in at the hottest new club in town to celebrate you leaving your abusive ex? Hold that thought. The actions you take online after ending an unhealthy relationship can have big impacts on your emotional wellbeing, and even your physical safety. Let’s look at some digital considerations for taking the best care of […]

Keep These 5 Resources on Financial Abuse Bookmarked

 Written by Writer’s Corps member Ashley Campusano  Money is one of the main stressors in a relationship. Hence, it’s perfectly normal for couples to argue over bills and other finances sometimes. But money-based conflicts can veer into unhealthy territory, where one partner is trying to manipulate the other and control all the funds. This is […]

5 Tips for Having an Awesome Prom

 Written by Writers Corp member Rachel Murphy You’ve spent all year anticipating this day, and finally, prom season is here. You’ve put so much thought into your genius promposal and planning every detail of the big night, so nothing could possibly go wrong. Or could it? Your prom nightmares may be fueled by anxieties around […]