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How to Protect Yourself in Digital Relationships

How to Protect Yourself in Digital Relationships

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One Love Heart Blue Written by Writer’s Corps member Rachel Kearns 

Enough is enough. The endless texting, the constant demands for your attention, every like on Instagram tracked and questioned. Whether you’ve read our post on 10 Unhealthy Signs in Digital Relationships or are learning to set your own boundaries, here you’ll find the next steps in protecting yourself and setting those boundaries in your own relationships.  

Setting Your Boundaries 

How to Protect Yourself in Digital Relationships

Digital harassment can take many forms and recognizing harmful behaviors early can help protect you. Unhealthy partners look to take control over your life through such tactics. If you notice any of these signs, question how comfortable you are continuing communication. When beginning any form of new communication or moving into a new romantic relationship you should feel comfortable with placing boundaries with your partner and with yourself. 

How often are you comfortable texting, calling, or using FaceTime? What things are you not comfortable sharing? What sort of conversations should be done in person? Things like leveling up your relationship or breaking up should be done in person if possible and safe. How do you balance your digital communications and relationship with the rest of your busy life? 

Do you have more questions about boundary setting in digital relationships? Check out this video where One Love staff discusses how you can recognize some of the signs of digital abuse and take action against it.


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So, What Are We?” – Your Relationship Status

In the beginning, ask questions about what your relationship looks like and what you’re looking for with your potential or current partner. How serious is your relationship? What are the expectations from your partner? Those answers can be great ways to set boundaries and decide how you’ll communicate. Romantic relationships via such digital channels bring another layer to consider with how comfortable you are with sexual and romantic intimacy over messaging. 

Smashing the Block Button 

It’s important to feel comfortable when talking with others online or through text. Step back and assess your relationships. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from communicating through social media. Digital overload is very real and if your outside life is suffering from your digital life: step back. If you find that someone is bothering you, trying to get information from you that you don’t wish to share, is overly argumentative, or showing other signs of harassment don’t be afraid to just block them and walk away. 

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Get Help  

How to Protect Yourself in Digital Relationships

Sometimes a relationship becomes scary, and you may need additional resources to help you set those boundaries or end an unhealthy relationship.  

If you or someone you know is experiencing an unhealthy or abusive relationship, check out our real-time resources, or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. If you’re in imminent danger, please call 911. 

There’s no easy roadmap for traversing digital relationships. The bottom line is that if someone is making you uncomfortable you have the right to end your relationship. If someone is harassing you digitally, then they will likely expand their harassment behind digital threats. 96% of teens who experience digital harassment also suffer from other forms of harassment.  

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