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10 People Share What a Healthy Relationship Means to Them

10 People Share What a Healthy Relationship Means to Them

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One Love Heart BlueWritten by Writer’s Corps member Shaneka Seals

The right relationships fortify your resilience and fearlessness, empowering success in all aspects of your life. No matter what happens, you know you’re not alone. You know someone’s got your back… Being valued and adored makes you stronger.” –Judith Orloff (The Ecstasy of Surrender)

Simple acts of kindness have the ability to transform someone’s day. They can brighten your spirit and offer hope. And when it comes to partnerships, there is no better feeling than when your S.O. treats you kindly. Here at One Love, we believe understanding healthy relationships is just as important as understanding unhealthy ones….on the silver screen, in literature and I.R.L.  

Just in time for the holidays, Writers Corp member, Shaneka Seals sat down with 10 real life couples to find out what a healthy relationship means to them. So, grab a box of tissues or your sweetie and dive in, because the world needs more love and kindness.


A Healthy Relationship Is…


1. Being Open To Improvement

“Each person has to love [himself or herself] first. Each person must have a balance between spiritual, physical and mental…[They have to be open] to improvement. There needs to be good communication…give and take. There needs to be attraction…”


2. Respecting Each Other

“A healthy relationship to me is the coming together of two people who know who they are, what they stand for, and what they believe in, with the goal of enhancing each other’s lives for selfless reasons, through good communication.”


3. Motivating Each Other

“Well, I’m not in a relationship at the moment, but I would say [I want a partner] that I could trust. Someone who could help motivate me towards the goals I’m pursuing. [I’m looking forward to] having someone who genuinely enjoys spending time with me and wants to know how I’m doing from time to time.”


4. Accepting Me As I AM

“My husband makes me feel supported and loved when I suddenly get sick with symptoms arising from Multiple Sclerosis. My husband takes care of the family single-handedly, until I recover. Sometimes, I do not give him enough credit because he knew I had the disease before we married. I have come to realize that I do not let him know how appreciative I am of him. I tend to focus on the times he doesn’t initiate holding my hand or walking in front of me at times. But when I think about it, his ability to love me as his wife, knowing that the weight of the entire family is on his shoulders at times of illness, astonishes me. He could have chosen a woman who was healthy enough to walk around a mall or sit in the sun with no problems. Or, he could have been with a woman who ran a couple miles every morning to keep fit: or, a woman who can ride in a car without getting car sick…but he chose me to love.”


5. Giving Compliments

“ He compliments my appearance even on my worse days. He lets me know he appreciates me. He encourages me to follow my dreams. He always helps me do whatever no matter what the project is. He still believes in date nights and always wanting to take me out. I have been able to share my deepest and darkest secrets. He knows my insecurities and always cheer me along.”


6. Encouraging Me To Dream Big

“She makes me feel loved when she compliments even smallest things about me. She always reminds me how much she appreciates me. She allows me to have my alone time and never questions why, when I need time alone. She encourages me to dream bigger and do better. She’s very thoughtful. She’ll do something as small as getting me my favorite candy or soda just because.”


7. Listening to Me

“He listens to me. He’s there when I’m in need. He allows me to be myself and he puts family first.”


8. Working Together to “Fix” A Problem

“[He] asks about my day, offers his unbiased and honest perspective/suggestions and follows up later. And, I appreciate the follow up the most because it’s unsolicited by me. [He] randomly expresses his feelings about me. Recently, he told me that he was proud that I was his wife. When he has any news (good or bad), he calls me right away to share. [He] thinks he knows EVERYTHING, but still actually asks for my opinion and help (LOL!) [He] works diligently to take care of my heart. He HATES being wrong and apologizing, but will work to “fix” a problem when I tell him he messed up. [He is] hardworking and a great provider, usually placing my needs/wants before his. [He] says marriage should be treated as if it’s for the OTHER person and if each spouse behaves this way, all needs are more easily met… Go figure!”   

– Stacy

9. Not Holding My Weaknesses Against Me

“She makes an effort to help me with the little things. She knows that I work hard, so when I come home she let’s me rest. She says, “you go ahead and lie down, I’ll take care of the kids.” She doesn’t hold my weaknesses over  me.”


10. We’re A Team

“He verbally indicates that we’re a team and values my opinion. He calls or texts me from time to time when we are away. [He] shows affection and says thank you. We make decisions concerning the family together and We often do outings and activities as a family. [He] flirts with me often and still can’t keep his hands off me, even if it’s just a touch in passing. He does things to make me happy.”


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