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How I hid my unhealthy relationship with happy couple posts

Three months prior to my high school graduation, I found myself in the municipal courthouse signing a marriage certificate. I carefully crafted our public image to avoid disapproval. To my friends, coworkers, and mentors, we came across as dedicated, albeit young, loving partners. At least that was the story I tried to tell myself. Everyone […]

What It Was Like to Start Dating Again After My Unhealthy Relationship

 Written by Writer’s Corps member Amanda Phillips It is a Tuesday afternoon, and you are a ball of nerves as you walk down the plaza toward your favorite coffee shop. It’s the same place you’ve camped out in, tucked away in the corner on so many other afternoons — but today, you’re going there for […]

7 Simple Ways To Be Good to Yourself

Thanks to #selfcareSunday and other trends that urge people to #treatyoself, people are realizing now more than ever that self-care and being good to yourself is not a luxury but a necessity. So what is self-care really about? Self-care allows us to respond to stress while addressing our emotional and physical needs. In a world that […]

What I Wish I Had Known About Gaslighting Before It Happened To Me

 Written by Writer’s Corps member Amanda Phillips  When I started dating my abuser, I had a Master’s degree in counseling under my belt; it’s true. During our time together, I was in school for another one and even I had never heard gaslighting discussed in-depth. For a season, gaslighting was a part of my daily […]

10 People Share What a Healthy Relationship Means to Them

Written by Writer’s Corps member Shaneka Seals “The right relationships fortify your resilience and fearlessness, empowering success in all aspects of your life. No matter what happens, you know you’re not alone. You know someone’s got your back... Being valued and adored makes you stronger.” --Judith Orloff (The Ecstasy of Surrender) Simple acts of kindness have [...]

5 Signs My College Relationship Was Abusive That I Didn’t Recognize

Written by Writer’s Corps member Kerry Mallett   In my first six weeks of college, I sat at Take Back the Night and acutely felt for the people who spoke in front of the crowd about their experiences in abusive relationships. I could not imagine enduring what they spoke of, but I also naively thought [...]

A Letter to Myself After Walking Away From My Abusive Relationship

A letter to myself on the first morning after walking away from my abusive relationship.   [This is a letter written to the woman I was 9 months ago. These are the things she needed to hear, and that I can now put a voice to after months of therapy and healing space. This is […]