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Log Your Student Leadership Activity

Note: Please fill out a new form for each NEW activity you do.

Did you or your Team One Love Club advocate, educate, or rally your community for healthy relationships this semester? We are so grateful for your help spreading One Love’s mission! Your actions made a positive impact in your community and helped us change lives. Please fill out the form below for each activity you did this year.

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Log your Student Leadership Activity Below!

First and Last Name*Your Location* I am a... *Type of School/Organization*Name of School/Organization*State of School/Organization*Which activity did you do?* Note: For an event with multiple activities, please choose one and describe in more detail below. (Ex: "Game dedication with fundraiser")Tell us more about what you did!* (Ex: Film you used, sports team that dedicated a game, who you pitched to, etc.) Approximate Date (MM/DD/YYYY)*Number of Participants* (Ex: # of students at workshop, estimated # of people attending an event or interacting with your engagement) Rate your Experience (10 is best)* How could One Love have supported you better? What do you plan to do next?: