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Unhealthy relationship behavior often goes unrecognized, because we don’t have the tools to identify it. One Love’s workshops include captivating films and peer-to-peer discussions that open eyes and start life-changing conversations.

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Escalation workshop

Escalation workshop

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Learn to navigate the grey area between healthy and unhealthy relationships. These short, impactful and shareable films, which have been seen by over 80 million people, reveal unhealthy behaviors commonly masked as “love.” Download the discussion guide, host a workshop and empower others to call out when #ThatsNotLove.


This series of eight short videos highlight the fundamental differences between healthy and unhealthy behaviors in a light and accessible way.

Because I love you

A film that shows how powerful little words, meant to express care, can be used as a tool for manipulation and control.

Love labyrinth

When you’re in an unhealthy relationship, it can be hard to find a way out. See how gaslighting and intimidation tactics can trap a person in a web of confusion and low self-esteem.

Behind the post

Picture perfect posts can hide an ugly truth. These 10 short films tell the real story behind seemingly blissful social media posts.
Talking to young people

Talking to young people