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Boundaries and Consent
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These five 45-second animations focus on the nuances and complexities of friendships, showing common scenarios play out in both healthy and unhealthy ways.
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These 45 second animated videos focus on the way that healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors show up in our friendships. Each of the five animations has two parts: the first half shows an unhealthy scenario, and the second half repeats the scenario using healthier behaviors. All of the characters show both healthy and unhealthy behaviors as they grapple with how to speak up, support each other, and advocate for themselves.

Each animation highlights two Signs of a Healthy Relationship and two Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship and brings to life different One Love learning objectives.

Grade Recommendation
4th - 8th
Episode length
45 second
Minimum Workshop Length
30 minutes
“A 6th grade student of mine approached me after a lesson and said she thought she might be experiencing unhealthy behaviors in her relationship. She ended up talking to her parents about it and breaking up with her partner. Big Friendlets supporter!”
School Counselor