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Can a chocolate teach you how to love better?

The more we learn about love, the stronger our relationships will be. The eight confections in this box of chocolates represent the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Explore how each chocolate can teach you to #LoveBetter.

Chocolat au lait, Brittle Caramel
Manipulation 01 / 05
Unhealthy Behavior
Encased in a milk chocolate dôme, this hard, sticky caramel takes control of your jaw and is hard to swallow, despite its sweetness. This is the taste of Manipulation. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who tried to bend you to their will by playing with your emotions?
Single Origin Dark Cacao, Hot Pepper Preserves
Sabotage 02 / 05
Unhealthy Behavior
A dark chocolate petit cloche conceals a jalapeño gelée infused with an essence of smoked ghost pepper. This is the taste of Sabotage. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who purposely set you up to fail?
Couverture Ivoire, Bitter Orange Marmalade
Jealousy 03 / 05
Unhealthy Behavior
Beneath aromas of warm milk and vanilla, this Belgian white chocolate heart reveals an acidic confiture. This is the taste of Jealousy. While everyone feels its pang sometimes, has jealousy ever compelled you to stalk, repeatedly text, or feel paranoid without reason?
Artisanal Cacao Truffle, Malted Chocolate Pastille
Isolation 04 / 05
Unhealthy Behavior
A sweet pastille is isolated inside the bitter void of an ultra-dark shell. In an unhealthy relationship, your partner will isolate you from the outside world, like the chocolate does to the pastille. Has a partner ever kept you away from others, or forced you to choose between them and things you love?

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Unhealthy Relationship
Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt, Spanish Saffron
Respect 01 / 05
Healthy Behavior
Strong, dark chocolate is threaded with hand-picked golden saffron, the world's most revered spice. This is the taste of Respect, the gold standard of healthy relationships. Do you value each other's thoughts, feelings, and boundaries?
Pink Lemonade, Clear Gélatine
Honesty 02 / 05
Healthy Behavior
Saturated with bright, tangy, and refreshing pink lemonade, this transparent square has nothing to hide. This is the taste of Honesty. In your relationship, can you show your true colors without fear of judgment or retaliation?
Single Origin Venezuelan Chocolate
Independence 03 / 05
Healthy Behavior
This handcrafted, solid chocolate is rainforest-grown and made with premium cacao. A standalone flavor that needs no additions, this is the taste of Independence. Do you give your partner the space they need to be their own person and enjoy a life outside of your relationship?
Chocolat au lait, Sunflower Butter and Jelly, Strawberry Shavings
Equality 04 / 05
Healthy Behavior
Our nut-free version of a PB&J is an equal balance of sweet fruit and savory butter. In a healthy relationship, partners are like PB&J, working together to make each other better. Does the balance of power in your relationship feel equal?

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Healthy Relationship

Give your relationships the most important gift of all by starting a conversation about how to love better.

When we understand what healthy relationships are, we can strengthen our love and teach others to do the same. And when we know the signs of unhealthy relationships, we can protect ourselves and the people we care about.

Everyone can learn how to love better.

Pledge to #LoveBetter

Take the pledge to bring more healthy behaviors into your relationships and to help create a world where we all #LoveBetter.