Spotting unhealthy relationship behavior can be difficult. Learn what the warning signs look like in these short videos, then dig deeper into the full-length videos and discussion guides on our Teach page.

Couplets: Isolation
Couplets: Obsession

Our Couplets videos highlight the fundamental differences between healthy and unhealthy behaviors. Learn to distinguish between warning signs and signs of love in these eight light and accessible vignettes.

Deflecting Responsibility

Picture perfect posts can hide an ugly truth. These 10 short films tell the real story behind social media posts that seem loving on the surface but disguise an unhealthy behavior.

Because I Love You

A film that shows how three powerful little words, meant to express care, can be used as a tool for manipulation and control.

Love Labyrinth

When you’re in an unhealthy relationship, it can be hard to find a way out. See how gaslighting and intimidation tactics can trap a person in a web of confusion.

Asterisk: I Love You
Asterisk: I'm Sorry

Loving words can be used as tools for manipulation. Read the fine print when your partner uses caring phrases in an uncaring way.

10 Signs of a Healthy & Unhealthy Relationship

An animated film that shows the 10 signs of a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

Heart to heart

Before we can love better, we have to communicate better. Part of our work is to create interactive campaigns that spark important conversations. Watch these videos and see how talking about healthy and unhealthy relationship experiences brings people closer together.

The most important gift of all
Can chocolate teach you to love better?